Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Diabetic coma and fall of blood sugar.. Taking insulin dose large amount or not eating the main meal or snack

Of the most important members of that adoption depends entirely on glucose (sugar) for energy production is the brain and in the case of falling blood sugar values ​​seriously.. Incidence coma is out of the question must Attention to it.. In fact hypoglycemia occurs predominantly as a result of taking large amount of insulin dose or taking insulin and then not eating the main meal or snack ... As well as muscular effort (Sports) are untidy in advance .. Or drink a large amount of alcohol may also cause low blood sugar.. Note that the speed of hypoglycemia are important factors that affect the appearance of symptoms of hypoglycemia, for example if the blood sugar falls value of 50 mg / dL in a few hours ..The symptoms of this decline may be a few subtle .. Or if decreased blood sugar in the same value in a few minutes .. The symptoms of this decline are marked and clear.