Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Diabetic preparations before traveling.. Insulin attention and blood sugar measuring device in a special bag

● Must make sure that You have twice the amount of essential medicines, which usually dealt with.. Expected to travel period (I mean if you want to travel for a week make sure that you have enough of your medications for a period of two weeks).. And to cover any emergency that may lead to delay your return from traveling.. If you do not want to take a large amount of your medicines with you.. And it was told your doctor that provides   Prescription   All medicines you use and which you can buy from a country Traveler him. ● Try to make   All your medications with you always.. especially insulin and blood sugar measuring device (Glucometer)..
Preferably in the bag (bag) hand so that you take the medicine whenever you need him, as well as to assure that the insulin or blood sugar measuring device to places with high temperature or low.. Who knows? 
● Do not forget to be with you   Something to treat hypoglycemia.. Small sugar cubes ..Natural honey or whatever .. Do not forget also to take with you and snack (eg cheese or tuna sandwich and a piece of apple) so as to be addressed if there had been a delay of the plane and it was time for taking the main meal. 
● Talk with your doctor And let him propose to you some commonly used drugs   Such as drugs, headaches, nausea and vomiting drugs, and drugs diarrhea, and cold and flu medicines, and dizziness and vertigo drugs .. He tried to carry a small amount of these medications. 
● Always   Hold indication that you have diabetes .. Contract (string) in your neck or wrist. With a card you are diabetic. 
● Prefers to tell the security man who inspect At the airport.. Especially at the password electronic devices.. That you have injection needle and piercing tools for the purpose of treatment.. Also, if you are using an insulin pump .. told him that under your clothes insulin pump (Before he searched the belongings).