Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Diabetics in Ramadan.. Increase drinking water in large amounts. Exercise. Delay suhoor meal before dawn

What are the guidelines and various remedial policies that help with diabetes to enable fast and at the same time try to control diabetes and reduce complications that Mentioned in the first part of this message.
** Visit a doctor before Ramadan: from three to four weeks before Ramadan does with diabetes visit his doctor, and the purpose of this visit is to tell your doctor your desire to fasting, and giving information on your experience with fasting in Ramadan in the past years, and what are the problems that you encounter when Silence in the past years, and the doctor, in turn, will disclose to the patient and carry out some tests and laboratory tests. The doctor will also health or intellectual (breeder) to review some basic skills to deal with the acute complications of diabetes, particularly due to fasting. Then the doctor will propose remedial policy that will be followed by the patient during the holy month of Ramadan. May start before the beginning of the month of Ramadan.
* Health education (knowledge .. power): every diabetic patient must be had (at least) the following basic skills: 
o   Know how to measure blood sugar using self blood sugar measuring devices (Glucometer) and see natural Readings and abnormal especially for those using insulin syringe. As with diabetes will conduct an analysis of the blood to several times a day. 
o   Knowing the symptoms of low blood sugar, and know how to treat them, and methods of prevention of hypoglycemia. 
o   Knowing the symptoms of increased blood sugar, and know how to treat them. 
** For Eating system: should continue with diabetes in the same health system as in the rest of the months of the year, with the observation that it is better to avoid bad way followed .. followed by most people .. They eat a large amount at breakfast .. And eat a small amount at suhoor ... Best for the diabetic to eat three small meals divided over the breakfast hours. Any distributes eating as much as possible the period allowed to eat what? In order to avoid "relatively" high increase of blood sugar after eating a meal that scientifically substantiate to (high increase) play an important role in increasing the incidence of cardiovascular disease and heart for people with diabetes. 
** Increase to drink a large quantity water: Do not forget to drink water in excessive quantities in the period allowed to eat .. Eat distributor (mandatory) in a limited period ..Drink water frequently (mandatory) in a limited period .. Ordered for diabetic would be annoying .. Right?. 
** Must delay suhoor meal before dawn: To reduce the time period which they abstain eating and drinking. 
* Exercise: Sports one of the vertices of the triangle therapeutic for diabetes. Do you remember? In the month of Ramadan better to Taatarb in the night (exercise during the day increases the probability of a drop in blood sugar, especially sport in the period after age .. especially for those who consume an injection of insulin) .. Taking into account the instructions to be carried out before the exercise as usual in the rest of the months of the year. 
Note: Certainly, that prayers are calculated as part of the sport .. But do taraweeh sing ..And replace the sport? ... In fact .. I do not know.!!!