Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Ginseng or ginseng Ginseng to treat diabetes.. Control high blood sugar or intraday high blood sugar after eating the main meal

Plant has branched roots and grown in Korea, Japan and America. Scientific name for the type of Korean Panax Schinseng and U.S. Quinquefolium, and belongs types of family Aral.   The user part of the ginseng is rooted It Off the human body image extends his legs and arms in the air like a fly in space. This is rooted in Korea Of the most popular drugs prevalent belief that have the ability to heal a large number of diseases and known Chinese magic formula has been used ginseng since more than 7000 years. Eaten roots Ginseng also eaten carrots, red and crushed, dried and made ​​them tea ginseng, also uses powder Ginseng spray on some dishes that improved taste. 
- many plants said to be Ginseng only product which has been studied for the treatment of diabetes is Ginseng U.S..   It has been found in these studies that American Ginseng helps to control: 
- blood sugar and the person who is fasting. 
- intraday high blood sugar or high blood sugar after eating the main meal. 
- lack of cumulative analysis of blood sugar.
But in any case most of the studies need to be repeated on a larger scale and for longer periods so that we can be certain Ginseng and thus effectively proposed to the patients, as it is found in these studies that hypoglycemia variable from one person to another. 
Warning for pregnant women: not ensure the safety of the use of plant ginseng during pregnancy; pregnant should avoid use in the first three months.