Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Integrative Medicine.. complementary medicine Traditional Medicine

traditional medicine + complementary medicine, in fact, doctors have become familiar with that alternative medicine and complementary medicine has become so commonplace that about half of the patients who care for them turn to alternative medicine or complementary medicine. Fujb they should pay attention to this matter well. This has made ​​some health care institutions incorporate some types of complementary medicine to treatment plans provided by the patients, but exceptionally, and some medical schools are adding in their concept of unconventional medicine, and the more proven complementary medicine or alternative medicine effectiveness..
Whenever it is combined with traditional medicine, and this is known as integrative medicine.. You practiced integrative medicine if you decide to add medicine complement to traditional medicine, for example that you are suffering from increasing the proportion of fat in blood and describe your doctor medicine statin, a medication commonly use in treatment increase the proportion of fat blood and then decided to add fish oil (which contains type of unsaturated fat and found in abundance in fish is beneficial for the body), then you are in this situation practiced what is known as integrative medicine.But in any case, if you want to add any type of alternative medicine or complementary medicine for your medication, it is best to consult your doctor first, and in order to avoid problems that might arise from eating alternative medicine or complementary medicine.