Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Maintaining the health of the feet when you exercise and diabetic with parties neurological disorder of the feet

Wearing proper footwear has Podiatrist determines the type and size of shoe fashion.
● It is better to avoid a sport that relies on repeated pressure on the foot with the pressure of body weight
Such as running or walking for a long time .. Because the constant pressure and repeated on an infected problems
The nerves leading to increased incidence of foot ulcers, and messing up in coordinating bone
Foot, and increase the proportion of fractures.
● Best exercise that does not depend on the weight bearing foot, such as:
- Swimming.
- Bicycle.
- Kayaking.
- Types of sports and exercise you are sitting in a chair.
- Exercise used in the hand and the upper part of the body.
- Any other types not Dependent pressure body weight on the feet.