Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Mg (Magnesium) for the treatment of diabetes.. Increase the capacity of cells of the pancreas in the secretion of insulin and cellular response to the hormone insulin

Although it has gone through many decades in studies on magnesium and diabetes but that the relationship between magnesium and diabetes has not yet integrated understood and clear. Some medical studies showed that magnesium deficiency causes the blood sugar disorder in type II diabetes. It is believed some researchers that the lack of a magnesium limits the ability of cells in the pancreas in the secretion of insulin and also reduces the response of cells to the hormone insulin, and there are also some evidence to suggest that deficiency of magnesium causes of some complications arising from diabetes. At one recent study, found that eating rich Magnesium (such as whole grains, nuts and vegetables) may ... I say probably reduces the likelihood of developing diabetes.