Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Physical activity in a patient with type II diabetes.. Walking, swimming or riding a bike or jogging will cause low blood sugar

All people need to exercise and to maintain public health and diabetes type II is no exception of this.. Indeed, the practice of sport for people with both types of diabetes is one of the vertices of the triangle therapeutic for diabetes (eating, sports, treatment).. At first you do not need to tell your doctor that you want to play sports.. Then choose a sport that suits you and be at the same time enjoyable for you .. Such as walking, swimming or riding a bike or jogging, etc.. What is important is that the exercise of the sport of "daily duties" The goal is 30 minutes in Today and for a period of five days a week (at least).. Which is enough time in the truth .. And if you do not have sport for a long time and decided to start.. Should gradually start in the sport and then over time you can last longer and more severe. 
Re I repeat that sport will cause low blood sugar.. To prevent a drop in blood sugar can reduce the dose of insulin if you plan to work daunting mathematical exercises.