Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Political therapeutic for people with type II diabetes in Ramadan.. sulfonylurea or metformin. Sestackleptan

** For the eaters disks (sulfonylurea or metformin) reduced sugar must follow the following: 
- In the event that the patient takes in the CD once daily .. Is taking such pills at breakfast. 
- In the event that the patient takes in the drive twice in the morning and evening .. In Ramadan, the patient takes a dose morning at breakfast, and is taking 50% of the dose evening meal suhoor. And that there had been no drop in blood sugar in the last day.
The first example: Suppose that a morning dose of "Glibenclamide" 10 mg in the morning and 5 mg evening ... In the month of Ramadan the patient to take 10 mg before breakfast and 2.5 mg before Suhoor meal. .. Remember claibnclamaid set sulfonylurea.
Note: In theory than in practice the replacement "Glibenclamide" "Nateglinides" or add "Nateglinides" who uses in Metformin may be reported to the reduction of the high increase of blood sugar after eating a main meal.
The second example: Suppose that a morning dose of "Metformin" 1000 mg in the morning and 500 mg evening ... In the month of Ramadan, the patient taking 1000 mg after breakfast and 250 mg after Suhoor meal.
Note: Some disorders may occur in the gastrointestinal tract as a result of tablets Metformin 500 mg twice a day .. Then it is better to replace with metformin 850 mg tablets (characterized by the occurrence of gastrointestinal disorders less as a result of the slow process of moving to the blood compared with metformin 500 mg tablets) and dose is given to the patient at once after breakfast. 
** For the eaters disks cletazon "Avandia" or Albayuklettazon "Pioglitazone" .. No dose adjustments mentioned in all what he has to do is to take his medication at breakfast, which is usually taken once daily. 
There is not enough information on this group of new drugs "relatively" except that the patient is taking a full dose of his medication at breakfast. ** For those who consume an injection of insulin once daily in addition to Antihypertensive disks of sugar .. The user insulin may be that BHP (NPH) or Glargine or Detemir the patient must take the disks with breakfast The insulin so they get between ten o'clock and twelve at night. 
** Eaters in one or more injections of insulin treatment policy in this case is no different from what We will remember him for those in type I diabetes and eat in two or more doses of insulin.
** Eaters in Alkzenataad syringe (Exenatide) deals with the first injection before breakfast and the second before Suhoor meal.
Note: It is expected that the injection Exenatide and discs "Sitagliptin" or "Vilagliptin" would do to limit the increase of high blood sugar after breakfast.