Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Position of traditional healers by the idea of alternative medicine or complementary medicine.. Undergo studies based on modern scientific bases

Many traditional doctors do not oppose the idea of alternative medicine or complementary medicine. But most traditional healers did not practice this type of medicine in their careers and will not receive training on alternative or complementary medicine CMOS, then that traditional medicine as I mentioned earlier is Medicine Model is based on research and practical experience, and traditional healers Working in reality and see results their going scientific approach in good standing. Then your most doctors do not sit to talk and debate in the concepts of alternative medicine and complementary medicine. Anyway..
If Sure effectiveness of any type (scientific Sure based on generally accepted scientific foundations), the integration of this kind to traditional medicine .. Will not find any shows him. It is true that the traditional doctor does not rest for an interview in alternative medicine but the patient who wishes to take or follow one of the effective methods of alternative medicine to tell the doctor that matter .. And that in order to avoid complications as a result of alternative medicine. 
Then there is another traditional doctor makes increasingly complained in alternative medicine and complementary medicine, and this thing is a claim doctors specializing in alternative medicine and more .. And far too much that they are best placed to have been declared disease and even some of them are telling you to leave the treatment of traditional doctor and alternative medicine use only! .. Remember that some alternative medicine treatments may hurt .. Pay attention. 
The general rule suggests that alternative medicine or complementary medicine may help the hurt and to make sure should be subject to this type of medicine to studies based on modern scientific bases to make sure the results of the methods used in this area.