Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Prevention of diabetes.. Monitoring and maintaining appropriate body weight. Engage in physical activity. Limit the intake of fat. Increase the proportion of fiber in eating

While we treat diabetics .. Our eyes are on the four steps for the prevention of this disease. Prevention of diabetes is   Area in which we should focus on, at all levels. At the level of individuals in our communities or on the level of health facilities, and at the level of governments and decision-makers Officials for Diabetes Care ... Interest and must work policies for the prevention of diabetes. 
There are four steps to help prevent diabetes (of course talking about the second type of diabetes, which   Accounts for 90% of all patients) and the steps are:
▪ The first step: monitoring and maintaining appropriate body weight   In general, the more times the body weight normal limit, the greater the incidence of diabetes. But this is not inevitable each infected with obesity. But maintaining an appropriate weight is very important for public health, and not just the prevention of diabetes. But what is the right weight? In the field of medicine we calculate body mass index (BMI), which is a body weight (kg) divided by the product of the length (m) in the same. And we can see the increase in weight or obesity. The Thbt scientific research to reduce the weight by 5 - 10% of the original body weight helps in enormous proportions prevention of diabetes type II. For example if your body weight 100 kg, Reducing weight to 95 or 90   Kg something very good, and will help in the prevention of diabetes by enormous and whenever you can to reduce your weight, the more interest was more. 
▪ Second step: engage in physical activity   Yes sure you've heard this before .. That practice sports in addition to maintaining the eating, ...   They can reduce and prevent diabetes enormous proportions, and required only 30 minutes a day for five days a week. Course, decision-makers and officials have to build cities .. Should take the results of this research in mind, they built cities to allow for population exercise with ease, such as the establishment of large fields and yards wide between buildings to practice sports. 
▪ The third step: limit the intake of fat (especially saturated fat)   Are simple excess fat in the body is considered as barriers, prevent insulin from the performance of its functions, and the presence of an increase in fat cause in what is known as "insulin resistance" means that insulin secreted by the pancreas that can not lead his duties because the cells of the body such as muscle can not respond to him .. .. in fact defined as eating eat special diabetic do not help in this regard ... But the thing that really helps is a healthy eating .. Any eating rich in vegetables, fruits and legumes. 
▪ Step four: increasing the proportion of fiber in the eating ....   Eating a high fiber is very important to first Hiein and II diabetes to maintain proper weight, fiber   Slow down the process of digesting sugars, as well as the fiber expands inside the stomach and helps you feel full. Of the most important sources of fiber is fruits, vegetables and legumes, you'll find some food items the amount of fiber in those foods, the goal is to eat about 25 grams of fiber per day, but the average amount of eating fiber per day is usually about 10 grams a day, I am asked yourself how much you eat of fiber per day. 
Observant important: namely, that there is some research that   Conducted on people who have the ability to diabetes .. Thbt in this research that eating certain types of disks like Aljlukovaj may help prevent diabetes. 
So the above four steps to help in the prevention of diabetes, if you are diabetic .. Do explain it to others to help them on the prevention of diabetes, and if you are not diabetic ... Here in the four steps that you should do to prevent diabetes ... The choice is yours to begin now in the prevention of diabetes.