Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Prevention of diabetic coma.. Health system to eat. Measurement of sugar. Regularity in taking medical treatment

Follow-up Diabetes constantly and every day may enable the patient to prevent the occurrence of coma resulting from diabetes. And diabetes remember these points, not overlooked:
Always follow the rules of healthy eating: main Meals and snacks if Injured diabetes to abide by it often helps to maintain and control blood sugar. 
Watch out for blood sugar value: as compared with self-blood glucose using blood sugar measuring devices.. This will help you to achieve the desired objectives for the different values ​​of the blood sugar.. It was alerted to the turmoil in the amount of blood sugar in terms of rise or fall. 
Regularity in taking medical treatment user as agreed with your doctor: If you complain about your blood sugar disorder .. Often the doctor will modify the amount of doses of medicines as well as the timing of taking drugs. 
(Home, school, workplace) must be someone you know is suffering from diabetes and knows how to address declines in sugar, as well as how to give an injection of the hormone glucagon.. And in anticipation of any emergency Like a coma you. 
I always bring with you to indicate that you have diabetes.. Contract (the series) in the neck or on your wrist.. Even quick fix is obtained if happened to you any emergency.