Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Prevention of gum disease and tooth loss in patients with diabetes.. Use of flossing. Good blood sugar control

For the prevention of gum disease and tooth loss, must give serious attention to control blood sugar and healthy teeth and gums. 
● Good blood sugar control: .. And self-measurement of blood sugar and follow-up doctor to adjust the doses of drugs to maintain good levels of blood sugar and proposed by the medical staff, and whenever a good blood sugar control the less the risk of gum disease and tooth. 
● Brushing your teeth with a brush at least three times a day: .. The best way is to clean teeth after eating three main meals and use a soft brush, preferably toothpaste contains fluoride, and should avoid the use of the brush violently which leads to gum agitation.
● Use flossing to clean between the teeth: .. This thread helps to remove plaque between teeth, there are good types of leads that contain a waxy substance facilitates the process of entering floss between the teeth. 
● Maintaining clean teeth regularly with the dentist: .. It is important that you clean your teeth with a dental specialist at least twice a year and leave the doctor cleans teeth and gums. With inform your doctor that you have diabetes. 
● If you want to do a private dental: .. If you want to do a private dental it is best to contact your dentist specialist diabetes and to adjust doses as necessary. And perhaps also use antibiotic to prevent infection Bakthreh. 
● Try to see the gums and note any symptoms of gum disease: .. If there signs of gum disease such as redness, swelling, or easy bleeding it is best to see the dentist. As well as other brands such as dry mouth, oral Ooalam. 
● Abstinence from smoking: .. Smoking increases the risk of all the serious complications for people with diabetes, including gum disease. Tried to contact your doctor to find a way to help you quit smoking. 
In fact diabetes treatment (for the moment) is to oblige with diabetes the same treatment and the application of the concept of self-treatment of people with diabetes, including his interest in gum and dental safety. So as to ensure a healthy life better.