Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Protect the feet of diabetic patients from amputation.. Daily examination. Maintaining hygiene. Nail correctly

In November 2005 and on the cover of one of the famous medical journals known (LANCET) wrote this sentence (Worldwide amputated man because of diabetes every thirty seconds) Yes every thirty seconds. The Sugar Association of America confirmed that 60% of legs amputated due to reasons unrelated to incidents 60%   Are due to diabetes and this according to figures from the year 2005. In fact, every patient of diabetics must understand the importance of working to prevent this the end ... Allow me to say that ...Tragic legs. Thing that patients do not know is How can protect itself from the amputation of legs? How lies in prevention. Yes, prevention is the most appropriate way and the patient is not expected to problems in the legs and then work to remedy them.In fact, the treatment of diabetes in general should be based on a system of preemptive or preventive therapy. 
For all the work to the five following instructions protects Feet from amputation: 
1. Check your feet daily:   Is there any changes color skin or pain or swelling or cracks skin or any sores, check between toes feet Is there inflammation, consult your doctor or specialist diabetic foot in case there are any signs of abnormal, Use someone else to see the soles of the feet or use a mirror. 
2. Keep your feet:   Wash your feet daily, and Dry up especially between the toes, use warm water and let someone else is measuring the warmth of the water, do not use hot water, if you want to be used as ointments for the feet ... Not put ointments between the fingers so as not to cause to make the area between the fingers wet and susceptible to fungal growth. 
3. Nail correctly:   Cut your nails straight and horizontal manner, so as not to cause injury to the skin near the nail, which leads to foot infections. Do not remove any skin feel he is dead or to remove Alkaluw (Callus) alone, consult your doctor about this. 
4. Wear shoes at all times:   Whether you're at home or on the beach, preferably a thick boot floor. 
5. Always choose the right shoes and the right:   This is the most difficult for women than for men, shoes with high heels is suitable for sick sugar, narrow boot from the front also inappropriate because it causes blistering of the toes, the best way to choose the shoe is for the patient to draw ... Draw foot on paper .. Then cut his image .. Then he took his picture with him to the shoe shop, then puts the paper in the shoe you want to buy it, if the paper is in a comfortable position in the shoe, this is a good shoe. 
Try to make your doctor detects on your feet ... How? .. The easiest way is to take off your shoes and socks before he starts doctor examine you, and when he sees the doctor your feet skimmed them the boot and sock ... It often will examine your feet.