Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Protect the kidneys from diabetes.. Prevent complications of diabetes and prevent kidney function disorders

As is well known that the policy therapeutic for people with diabetes should be based on the treatment regimen preemptive or preventive any not wait for a complication of diabetes and then work on the treatment, but must work on prevention of occurrence and the follow-up regular medical even if it were not feel any symptoms or pain then compliance with medical advice.
Prevention levels. The initial or first level. The second level. Third level. The fourth level.And so on.
Talk about prevention for diabetes also have levels.. The first level is to try to prevent diabetes (for example to prevent diabetes for people who have a susceptibility to diabetes).. Level II   Is to prevent complications of diabetes in people who have been diagnosed with diabetes (for example prevent kidney function disorders due to diabetes).. Level III   Of prevention is to prevent deterioration or development of complications resulting from diabetes (for example to prevent kidney failure for people who have Injured disorders in renal function resulting from diabetes).. Level IV   Is an attempt to delay the occurrence of death, God willing (for example delay of death for people living with kidney failure caused by diabetes). 
And each level policy and preventive treatment of its own, and on diabetes and kidney, there are many research.. Took place.. And conducted.. There will be.. To try to find out what is the best policy and preventive and curative for each level of the levels mentioned above so as to avoid the incidence of renal failure for diabetes and work to protect the kidneys as long as possible for people with diabetes.