Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Protect the retina when the diabetic patient.. Good control of blood sugar and blood lipids. Therapeutic intervention

American Sugar Association (ADA) recommends that all diabetics detects the eye (and pupil in the case of widening) at least once a year by an eye doctor, and this is especially important for patients with type II diabetes. Because he found that about 20% of cases that are diagnosed with type II diabetes infected some negative Influence on the retina caused by diabetes since the beginning of the diagnosis,   Over time this increases. With the knowledge that Influence negative on the retina caused by diabetes, one of the most important causes of blindness, and scientific research found that intensive treatment that leads to blood sugar control so that Become the values ​​of blood sugar close to normal values ​​as in those of others living with diabetes, this intensive treatment medical research found that   Helps to prevent or at least delay the occurrence of negative Influence on the retina caused by diabetes. 
Of the most important reasons Iiothirat negative on the retina caused by diabetes is the turmoil in circulation for the network vessels that nourish the eye, and pass the retina four stages before the patient loses his eyesight and these stages are: 
1.   mild non proliferative retinopathy 
2.   moderate non proliferative reinopathy 
3.   severe non proliferative retinopathy 
4.   proliferative retinopathy 
In fact I found it difficult to translate these four stages .. But to clarify the Influence negative on the retina stages beginning of changes to blood vessels that nourish the retina to spots bloody in the retina, as well as leaking blood plasma inside the tissue retina as well as the death of some cells in Retina  through the growth of some blood vessels in the inappropriate places, as well as fibrosis in some areas near the retina and eye bleeding or retinal detachment and therefore these things lead to vision loss. In fact, these changes come in stages, and each stage there are certain remedial policy proposed by the optician, it is very important for the patient to know to what stage reached Influence negative on the retina of the eyes, even correct it considers and seeks to maintain healthy eyes well. 
So what are Steps that diabetics should do that even protects his eyes? 
The first step: prevention   If you are not infected   Disorder in the retina   Good control blood sugar   Of the most important methods of prevention negative Influence on the retina .. The patient should be aware that the negative Influence on the retina is painful and often occur without any symptoms. It is very important for the patient to scans of the eye and pupil in the case of widening at least once a year even if it is good visual acuity. Other important things is preventive   Good control of blood pressure   As well as   Good control by blood fats   , Then that good healthy eating helps to prevent negative Influence on the retina Eating rich in vegetables and fruits   Contains a substance lutein and Zeiksanin material (Zeaxanthine) and Article Carotenoids These materials are important for eye health. 
Step Two: therapeutic intervention   If you have a disorder of the retina must be concerned to follow-up and review with a doctor specializing in the treatment of diseases of the retina, and must know what is the stage with complications for you. Watch out for good control of blood sugar, watch out for good control of blood pressure, pay attention to good control of blood lipids, pay attention to eat healthy, all this helps   Control in the development of disorders   In the retina caused diabetes. Do not take eye diseases simply, because in most cases serious complications caused by diseases of the eye occur without warning and without any symptoms, so some have called on the diabetes as a "silent disease" or "silent killer." 
And ask yourself ... if you do not disclose to the eye and Babo eye in the case of breadth in a matter of years ago .. So what are you waiting for .. Jump ... Take time to detect the eye ... Off.