Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Scientific evidence on the health of alternative medicine or complementary medicine.. The high cost needed by scientific research in the field of medicine

Of the most important reasons for the lack of serious research to study alternative medicine and complementary medicine is the high cost of needed scientific research in the field of medicine. Most governments and pharmaceutical companies harness financial resources to cover the relevant medical research testing drugs and some therapeutic methods in traditional medicine to traditional medicine of tangible benefits. Most specialists in alternative medicine or complementary medicine does not find funding their research, and that is why we see the lack of research in the fields of alternative medicine and complementary medicine. But on the whole there is some ongoing research   In some areas of alternative medicine To find out how useful or not .. Such as research on some herbs, and research on Yoga (Yoga). There are also some countries that have become codified alternative medicine and complementary medicine.And to help patients in the appropriate choice of alternative medicine which is commensurate with the nature of a person's disease.
Always tell your doctor the work that will be done if you want to use alternative medicine or complementary medicine. (Ask your doctor about the benefits and damage that may occur).
Always remember that the alternative medicine or complementary medicine is not a substitute for traditional medicine, but may be complementary to him as explained above.