Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Side effects of metformin lending.. Diarrhea. Upset stomach and simple highest abdominal pain

● Maybe diarrhea occurs with the start of taking treatment, but this bar disappear after a few weeks. 
● May cause upset stomach and simple highest abdominal pain therefore prefer to take treatment after eating. 
● Rarely known lactic acidosis ... A rare condition using metformin tablets .. Not occur unless given these discs in cases should not be given to them, such as giving diabetic and has kidney failure or diabetic and has a pH of blood for other reasons .. and others. Cautions: prevents the use of metformin for people with kidney failure., As well as cases of blood acidity for any reason. 
Note: If you have any kidney problem, tell your doctor always that you have a kidney problem, especially if the doctor may prescribe a new drug for you ...!!!