Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Some rare species of diabetes.. Genetic abnormalities beta cells or the effect of insulin. Some types of infections. Endocrinology and pancreas

And included the following types:
- Genetic abnormalities beta cells: there are many of them which diabetes as a result of a defect in manufacturing Insulin for several reasons and occurs after puberty often is what is known as the Moody
(MODY), there are at least six types of Moody (MODY).
- Genetic abnormalities in the insulin effect: There are also many types of them.
- Diseases of the pancreas: and that lead to the disorder and corruption beta cells, such as pancreatic tumors And accidents that affect the pancreas and certain types of infections pancreas.
- Other endocrine diseases: and that leads to increased secretion of certain types of hormones that antagonism
The effect of insulin and lead to diabetes such as thyroid disease Adrenal and increased secretion of cortisone
And diseases of the pituitary gland and increased secretion of growth hormone .. And others. Note that diabetes in this
Cases may disappear if the causative treatment of the disease.
- Diabetes caused from taking medications and certain chemicals: the most cause of diabetes drug
Is cortisone. Which is used in some other chronic diseases such as asthma and Rheumatic.
- Certain types of infections: Some types of viruses infect beta cells (directly) and lead to Crashing and the emergence of diabetes.
- Some rare species of diabetes that are associated with other diseases caused by bugs In the immune system: such as systemic lupus disease (SLE) and Humiclazma man stiff (Stiff man syndrome) and these diseases are associated with the emergence of diabetes.
- Some other genetic syndromes that are associated with the emergence of diabetes: such as Down syndrome (Down's syndrome) and Turner syndrome (Turner's syndrome) and Syndrome (Klinefilter's syndrome).