Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Tests to detect diabetes.. Doubt finger. Periodic test sugar. Sugar test fasting period. Glucose tolerance test

- Testing blood sugar through finger doubt: (sugar measuring device). This type of sugar test, is the easiest and fastest test you can do sugar. And less expensive than the rest of the other tests. 
It requires a single drop of blood from the finger and put blood on a special bar with sugar and put in the sugar measuring device to determine the level of sugar in the blood.
 If measuring more than 126 mg / ten liter (mg/ dl) should do another test sugar, for example: test after the fasting period.
- Test sugar League:
Something must be done sugar test to check periodically with each periodic inspection done.
Are testing in the lab by dragging a small amount of blood by a needle is inserted into the arm vein in the lab. 
Could the blood level rises if you took some food before the test, but should not be higher than 200 mg / dl. 
- Sugar test fasting period: 
Be measured blood sugar in the highest degree immediately after eating (in the normal case) and lower grades after a natural fasting during the night. 
Therefore always preferred measure sugar after a period of fasting at least 8 hours.Sample is taken from the blood through a vein, and examine in the lab. If Measurement Log (126) or higher may be a sign of infection with sugar. 
- Glucose tolerance test: 
This test is performed for a pregnant woman, to detect the presence of gestational diabetes. 
This test requires drinking about 226 grams of fluid mascara after a fast 8 hours. 
Sugar level is measured in the blood before fluid intake and then every hour after fluid intake for a period of 3 hours. If there is a rise in the level of sugar more than the expected rise may be Ms. infected with sugar.