Wednesday, December 30, 2015

The incidence of diabetes for the children when the mother or father insane type II diabetes

Characterized type II diabetes for the first type that is common in some families, and the reason may be the result that children practicing bad habits that they learn from parents, such as not eating healthy eating and lack of exercise and laziness but as I explained above, it is necessary to have a genetic factor also. 
Generally if you have diabetes type II and you are under the age of 50 years when diabetes and your wife is diabetic, there is the possibility of 1 Diabetic per 7 Sons.While there is potential 1 diabetic for each 13 Son if you are over 50 years when diabetes.
These ratios more if women are infected with type II diabetes and man has no diabetes. 
If   The husband and wife are living with type II diabetes   The incidence of diabetes for children 1 infected each 2, a high percentage.?!. 
All there are two observations about diabetes in children if the father or mother or both afflicted with diabetes: 
- Transfer rate of diabetes for children when with type I diabetes are very few and far less than with type II. 
- In the first type of diabetes impact injury father first type of infecting children more than the impact of the mother. While in the second type influence the mother type II to infect children more than the effect of the father's injury.!