Wednesday, December 30, 2015

The relationship between diabetes and the menstrual cycle (menstrual).. Estrogen works to make the body more receptive to insulin and decrease blood sugar

Of the many problems of diabetes, or in addition to the numerous problems of diabetes, menstrual problems (menstruation) that may occur due to diabetes is certainly the most Pain cause for concern for many women. 
So what is the connection between diabetes and the menstrual cycle (menstrual)? 
Menstruation is a phenomenon that occurs when women in the uterus sheds the lining of the uterus wall at the end of each month and disposed of with the flow of blood and non-fertilized egg (menstrual) through the vagina.
In the case of fertilization of the egg, the menstruation does not occur. The start of menstruation in all women after puberty and continues until the age of forty to forty-five years, with some exceptions where stop the menstrual cycle (menstrual) known as menopause. 
There Hormone (Anthwaian) important regulate menstrual flow and process two estrogen (estrogen) and Progesteron, where he works estrogen (Estrogen) to pay to enter egg in the fallopian tube. While the hormone Progesteron to create the wall of the uterus for a fertilized egg and a possible pregnancy. 
At the beginning of the month (menstrual) hormones levels are low and with the passage of time and progress month increased levels of these hormones which leads to blood sugar disorder. But what is the relationship these two hormones blood sugar? 
As is known, the hormone insulin is also. The maintenance of blood sugar at normal rates.And estrogen (Estrogen) works to make the body more receptive to insulin (which helps the work of insulin) and therefore it tends to diminution blood sugar, while the hormone Progesteron works on blocking the action of insulin and thus it tends to increase blood sugar, and there is consistency wondrous between work hormones to each other so that does not happen any disturbances in the body's functions. And maintaining the different levels of the hormones at different times in a very precise way.