Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Treating diabetic patient.. See acute and chronic complications of diabetes treatment and prevention methods

Who will your treatment of diabetes? The patient himself. Yes, you are of course of treatment and will others Help you only in the process but the real responsibility lies on the patient himself. 
Every day you have a lot of decisions to be taken regarding the treatment of diabetes and if I turned left or right. You will not find anyone to help you. Physician and intellectual (or jam) and competent nurse in the field of diabetes and nutritionists are all either in their places of work or they are at home with their families. Not one of them Volunteer and stays with you in terms of what you to assist you in dealing with diabetes.
So the question depends on you. Good news and good news in this regard is that you can take care of things sugar treat yourself if acquired basic skills to deal with diabetes. 
The first step that you should do is to educate and look to see what diabetes. Are advised to look for cultured in diabetes (or jam) to help you in this regard. ... Cultured in diabetes (or jam) from his teaching the patient how to deal with diabetes and ensure that the patient became aware of things useful to him in the treatment of diabetes and even work to make sure that the patient became alter some behaviors harmful by such as smoking, drinking alcohol and lack of physical activity, diet harmful ... etc. .. Bookworm in diabetes ... Not only educational function .. But must be able to this that makes the patient intellectual change of some harmful behaviors .. For this reason better be called cultured in diabetes .. Word (breeder). 
Points that the patient must make sure that he had absorbed in the process of education are: 
▪   General idea of diabetes (definition, types, complications, how to cure ... etc.). 
▪ food knowledge of the health system for diabetes. 
▪   When can practice the sport, and the type of sport appropriate to it, and duration. 
▪   How to monitor blood sugar automatically (SMBG) using blood sugar measuring devices. 
▪   Abstract drugs used in the treatment of diabetes (types, dosage, side multiples, etc.). 
▪   See acute complications of diabetes treatment and prevention methods. 
▪   Knowledge of chronic complications of diabetes treatment and prevention methods. 
▪   Development of therapeutic targets and to overcome the obstacles to achieving these goals. 
▪   Psychological adaptation of coexistence with diabetes. 
▪   For women. How to behave in the period before conception and during pregnancy with diabetes. 
▪   How to behave with diabetes in some special circumstances, such as during fasting, and during the period of performance of Hajj and Umrah. 
And if you are not sure you can accommodate the above points .. You need to be cultured in diabetes (or jam). 
The second step after Education process is to find the support you in the treatment of diabetes .. Or in other words, search for group have the same ambition to overcome diabetes, for example, one of your relatives or friends, or in groups through the Internet (Medical). Try to choose the right companion for you. Because the group will make you an incentive to achieve the successes of others. And will help you to commit yourself to treatment to achieve the goals agreed by the group to achieve ... For example, access the cumulative analysis of blood sugar to less than 7%. Who can achieve this goal first, or is able to reach low-density lipoprotein cholesterol to less than 100 mg / dL. ... And so on. 
Do not forget the awards the cosmopolitan of achieving your goals .. And the most important awards is the best healthy life. Or in other words, compare yourself to someone careless in dealing with diabetes to see awards given to you because of your good control in diabetes. Also, remember that the treatment of diabetes is an ongoing process and change management of lifestyle (TLC) does not take place in the night or overnight.Patience, determination keys of success in the treatment of diabetes. 
Also, remember that the treatment of diabetes treatment should be .. Proactively .. Or ..Preventive .. Do not wait for a acute or chronic complications to go to a doctor specializing in diabetes, but must seek to prevent their occurrence.