Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Way Chi_khas diabetes in pregnancy.. Lower cumulative analysis of blood sugar

Given the patient oral syrup containing 50 grams of glucose and if your blood sugar   More than 140 mg / dL after one hour   Taken of the solution, it works for the patient another test on another day ... Come diseased fasting (no you did not eat anything since 8 hours or more) and gives her oral syrup containing 100 grams of glucose then be taken four read   And comparing By Readings  The following: 
Patient fasting   95 mg / dL.
After one hour   180 mg / dL. 
After two hours   155 mg / dL. 
After three hours   140 mg / dL. 
Note that the patient will remain in the clinic for at least three hours .... Now is Chi_khas gestational diabetes if you check that the patient her Qratan or more   Of values ​​that  Equal to or more   From the above figures. 
Now what are the appropriate rates and good for sugar in different periods of the day for a pregnant patient and diabetic: 
First:   Cumulative analysis of blood sugar should be less than 7% 
Second:   Sugar before eating or fasting should be in the range of 65 - 85 mg / dl. 
Third:   Sugar after a meal an hour or two should be in the range of 120 - 130   Mg / dL. 
Note that in pregnancy values ​​that we seek to achieve is much less of women with diabetes who are not pregnant ... The reason is that good control of blood sugar in pregnancy is the means by which almost the only leading to have a healthy baby and a healthy, and pregnancy free of complications.