Wednesday, December 30, 2015

What should be done when a drop in blood sugar.. Tablets or sugar candy pocket so as to be used when you feel you are infected by a drop in blood sugar

If you feel that your blood sugar in the case of falling do measure blood sugar and then eating or drinking something.. Helps you High blood sugar have quickly such as: 
● A teaspoon of sugar or honey.. Possible to dissolve a glass of water. 
● About half a cup of fruit juice (about 118 milliliters = 4 ounces). 
● 5 - 6 pieces made ​​of sugar candy.. I mean is not sugar-free. 
● About 150 milliliters of soft drink (Warning.. normal and not Diet).
● About 3-4 sugar tablets. (Sold in pharmacies without a prescription).
Note: chocolate, cookies and ice cream .. These need time to absorb because they contain fat that hinder the process of absorption of sugars, .. It is best avoided, but if you do not have choice but these things it is best to take them better than nothing. 
Note:   If you feel you are infected by a drop in blood sugar and do not have blood sugar measuring device, do treat yourself like you are infected with a fall of blood sugar. In fact you must always have either tablets or sugar candy pocket so as to be used when you feel you are infected by a drop in blood sugar. Then it's a good idea to wear on your wrist to indicate that you have diabetes, or carry card indicates that you have diabetes. 
Must work measuring the level of blood sugar after 10 - 15 minutes of eating sugar so as to make sure you get READINGS good blood sugar level (no more than 70 mg / dl) If blood sugar is less than 70 mg / dl, it is repeated taking sugar syrup once other, and when the blood sugar is more than 70 mg / dL should address the patient and a snack in order to prevent recurrence of hypoglycemia. 
When you visit your doctor told him a heart or landing spells that have occurred to you.Which in turn will discover why the landing may have to change the quality or doses of the treatment used. And to try to prevent a recurrence and the occurrence of hypoglycemia episodes in the future. 
If you are not sure that you can feel the situation of landing and treatment it is best to know someone (at home, in school and in the workplace) that you are diabetic and that he could intervene and emergency treatment in the envelope .. Tell him that you need to help him in case you become little concentration, a little understanding with others, or you did unacceptable behavior .. If you are conscious must give you sugar syrup as mentioned above and in the absence of consciousness (coma) or the inability to eat anything by mouth it is better that You injection needle glucagon. Then taken to the nearest health center.