Thursday, June 1, 2023

In a curved root u bent a file.. Put gauze on the file & bend it by hand

In a curved root u bent a file by:

  • A- Put gauze on the file & bend it by hand *** 
  • b- Bend the file by pliers 
  • c- by bare finger 
  • d- By twist

What is the root of the tooth?

The tooth has two anatomical parts: the crown and the root. The crown is the part of the tooth that is normally visible, above the gum line. The root of the tooth is the part embedded in the bone; Anchors the tooth in its bone cavity and is usually not visible since it is below the gum line. The shape of the crown and the number of roots varies between the different teeth of the oral cavity.


When a tooth throbs persistently and hurts, it is possible that an infection has spread that has spread to the tip of the root. This infection originates in the inner chamber of the tooth, usually due to the presence of caries that has affected the nerve.

Dental infection:

When this infection invades the entire interior of the tooth and leaves the apex, in the lower part of the root, an abscess occurs. The treatment will depend on the severity of said infection and the probability of reconstructing the affected tooth.

Dental disorder:

Another common dental disorder is gum retraction, which causes part of the tooth root to be exposed. Such a recession can occur for several reasons, such as too intense tooth brushing, tooth displacement or bruxism. If the dental roots are left exposed and the cause is not treated, several oral health problems can occur, such as root hypersensitivity, aesthetic or functional deficiencies, gum inflammation, root caries and poor oral hygiene.