Sunday, December 24, 2023

In H.T.T the secondary coil has.. More coils

In H.T.T the secondary coil has:

  • a- Less coils.
  • b- More coils.
  • c- a & b are correct.
  • d- Non of the above

the answer is B

That's correct! In a High-Tension Transformer (H.T.T), the secondary coil has more coils than the primary coil.

Here's why:
  • The primary coil is responsible for stepping up the voltage from the source. It has a relatively small number of turns of thick wire.
  • The secondary coil is responsible for stepping down the voltage to the desired level. To achieve this, it needs to have a larger number of turns of thinner wire. This allows for more efficient transfer of energy through electromagnetic induction.
Here's a diagram illustrating the difference in the number of coils between the primary and secondary coil in a transformer: 

As you can see, the secondary coil has significantly more turns than the primary coil. This explains why the voltage is stepped down in the secondary circuit.
Therefore, the correct answer is b) More coils.