Thursday, June 1, 2023

electrical property which produce impulses called.. automaticity

electrical property which produce impulses called:

  • a- conduction
  • b- automaticity
  • c- velocity
  • d- excitability

Electrical Properties of the Materials:

The electrical properties of the materials are those that determine the behavior of a certain material when the electric current passes through it. In general, Conductivity is the property that materials have to transmit electric current, and Resistivity is the resistance they offer to the passage of said current.

Material types:

Depending on their electrical properties, the materials can be:

- Insulators:

They are those that do not easily allow the passage of current through them, for example the insulating cable tape.

- Drivers:

They are the ones that easily allow the passage of current through them, for example the electric cables.

- Semiconductors:

They are what allow the passage of current through them only under certain conditions or below a certain temperature. They consist of silicon or germanium, with additives such as arsenic, aluminum, phosphorus, gallium, boron. They are the basis of all electronic components.

electrical resistance:

All materials are conductors of electric current to a greater or lesser degree and also offer a greater or lesser degree of resistance to the passage of current.
The electrical resistance of each material depends on the presence of e-mobiles in the atoms and the degree of their mobility, among other factors. This property, the specific Resistivity of each material, is defined as the resistance that an element of 1m in length and 1m² in section of the material offers to the passage of the current.

electrical conductors:

Metals are good electrical conductors in general, since their internal structure is ordered and electrons are not subject to a particular atom. However, wood or ceramic materials, for example, are bad electrical conductors, that is, they have high resistivities. This is because the electrons of their atoms have hardly any mobility.
The electrical properties of a material condition in many cases its destiny.