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PYRIMIDINE - PEPRAZINE .. MALONYL UREA (BARBITIORIC ACID). Amobarbital. Ethel Isomile Maloneil Urea. Sico Barbitel. Ben Theo Barbital Sodium


Compounds consisting of a pyramidine ring (whether or not hydrogenated) or a peprazine ring:
This section includes:

1- Malunil urea (Barbituric acid) and its derivatives.

An important group of pyrimidine compounds. Its saline salts are soluble in water, and the alkylated parabituric derivatives and their salts are used in medicine as hypnotic and sedative.
The compounds represented include barbital (INN), phenobarbital (INN) (ethyl phenyl maloneil urea), amoparpital (INN) (ethyl isomyl maloneil urea) and ceco barbital (INN) (allel-1-methylbutuelone) - urea), cycloparapital (INN) (cyclohexinyl-1-ethyl-5-ethyl-peter-pythoric acid).

2 - Thiopantone Sodium (Ben Thiobarbital Sodium).

Theoered Dori. Whiteish yellowish powder dissolves in water, absorbs moisture with an unacceptable odor. Used in medicine as anesthetic.

3-peprazine (biphenyl biphenyl).

Moisturizing white crystalline blocks, with a special odor, are used in medicine as a treatment for gout.
4- Dimethylpibrazine.
Oily liquid, colorless, or doughy, used as a solvent for uric acid.