Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Peutz Jeghars syndrome.. Pigments on the oral mucosa. Intestinal intestinal microorganisms

Peutz Jeghars syndrome:
** Genetic disease transmitted as a dominant physical condition.
 ** Symptoms:
 * Tinctural pigments around the mouth, nose and eye (Tricircle - triglyceride) in a small freckle can also be seen in the soles of the hands and feet.
 * Pigments on the oral mucosa.
 Intestinal microbial perfusion.
 ** Note: Boiler or Polyp Polype:
Is a proliferation of human papillae on the glands that gives the form of cauliflower and is multiform and the lesions are long.
 ** In other words, is a glandular tumor that affects the small or large intestine and is not considered a pre-cancerous lesion, but may show symptoms of bowel obstruction, constipation and bleeding.
 ** Differentiates the Gardner syndrome that the latter have the corridors in the large intestine and be pre-cancerous.