Saturday, October 21, 2017

Rabies.. Neurological disorders and mood alteration with end-to-end paralysis resulting in death due to rabies virus

A serious infectious disease affecting all mammals, including humans, especially dogs and carnivores, is characterized by neurological disorders and mood changes with the end of paralysis ends in death. This disease causes the cough virus, which is transmitted through the saliva by biting, some infected animal to a healthy animal or human, or through skin scratches.
Clinical symptoms in dogs:
The disease appears in the infected dogs in two main forms, agitation or silence.
- Irritable form, in which the dogs go wild in three phases are:
1 - develop depression, continue for 2 - 3 days during which change the pattern of the infected dog where tends to isolation and escape in dark places. The movements of the dog change, deny the owner, less appetite for the usual eating and bizarrely address strange things such as stones, iron and cutting phones.
2 - stage of agitation, a frightening irritation and a trend towards violence. The injured animal escapes and wakes his face and tries to bite everything he encounters, especially the moving objects. The voice of the dog barks and the face loses its expression and expands the eyes of his eyes. The saliva of the mouth increases and the lips are attached to the lips and face and the demand for this condition continues for 2-3 days.
3 - develop paralysis, the paralysis of the muscles of the jaw first, especially the lower jaw and hanging tongue outside the open mouth and increase salivary saliva profusely. The paralysis extends to the muscles of the throat, throat and hind legs, where the dog staggers in its walk and falls. Death occurs within 10 days of symptoms.
- The silent form, in which the dog moves from the stage of depression to paralysis directly and notes the lack of bark and tendency to extreme sleep, but note the occurrence of vomiting and the emergence of the third eyelid partially around the eye and the jaw and ends this type of death.