Tuesday, October 24, 2017

White spongy naevus.. Spongy gray white areas spread over the oral mucosa with cracks and folds

White spongy naevus:
 * Genetic afflictions affecting children and infants.
 * White-like lesion (a pre-cancerous lesion).
 * Demonstrates in white areas gray, spongy, spread on the oral mucosa with cracks and folds (this is what makes them like white coat) and are distinguished by the textures:
 * Talwa: When her body is harsh.
 Wirth: When her body is spongy.
 * Often present on the mucosa mucosa, the floor of the mouth and the inner surface of the tooth (means the same places as the white coat).
* Microscopic:
 - Slim basal membrane (in the coat is also sound because if you passed it \ malignant tumor)
 - Increase the barbed layer Acantosis (also in white).
 Intramuscular and intracellular anomalies, ie, the size of cells and the size of the eyes of the network. This edema is responsible for the spongy texture, while the recess is difficult because it does not have edema.
 Hyperthyroidism and hyperthyroidism Hyper keratosis:
 * Keratin is a sheet of keratin.
 * Paracetamol is keratin with the remains of human cells.
 - Chronic inflammatory rash under the skin.
 * No pain.
 * This lesion does not show a malignant alteration, whereas the white coat is a pre-cancerous lesion.