Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Callosities.. Skin wart. Centric central core in the center of dense dermal parenchyma

It represents forms of abnormal stenosis, and is more common in adults. It may be acquired or moral.
The disease may occur early in younger ages as a family pattern or may be acquired in response to recurrent illness or friction as in narrow shoes. Above the two in the palms and soles.
The most infected sites are above the top of the third parasites, where the lesion may be mistakenly diagnosed as a wart.
The cornea may exhibit a central macrophage core in the center of the dense dermis.
It should be dispensed from the blackened vessels in the wart.
Light vitiligo respond to the application of salicylic acid (20%) and lactic acid (20%) in the basis of the collodion for several days, before each application can remove the dead tissue by its collar.
Severe cases can be cured by Co2 laser.