Saturday, November 4, 2017

Interest in genetics.. Improvement of the Babylonian horse breeds and the pollination of palm trees. Transmission of genetic traits in a family such as blue eye color and baldness recipe

When did interest in genetics begin?
1. Genetics is one of the most important and comprehensive biological sciences.
2 - The foundations of genetics have been known since the emergence of civilizations in Mesopotamia and the Nile Valley.
3- Their practical applications were applied to some known organisms such as wheat, rice, soybeans and cotton.
4- The Babylonians were interested in improving the horses' breeds and by fertilizing palm trees by genetics.
5 - Haprakat interested in genetics and without some observations on the transmission of genetic traits in a family, such as the color of the blue eye and the recipe for baldness.
6 - The world developed Lamarck theory inherited traits acquired was the first theory to explain the mechanism of changes in appearance.