Friday, November 17, 2017

Laser Tools Precautions .. Good training for surgeons and assistants with regard to laser physics, components and how to operate

Tool cautions:
- Some types of laser contains water, high current used to supply the laser and water used to cool the device may cause serious risk.
- Good training of surgeons and assistants with regard to laser physics and components and how to operate is of paramount importance.
Always remove the laser switch after turning off the machine.
- Make sure the laser is working well before starting surgery.
- Electrical connections should be checked and left away from the passage areas of the assistants. Make sure that the selected package is generated and working well.
- Make sure the "helium neon" package is working before any surgical treatment.
- Do not use the device if the helium neon package is not visible in the field.
- Put the foot away from the machine and position "Stand by" temporarily for any reason the surgeon wants to monitor the treatment area or do anything else.