Friday, November 3, 2017

Optical microscope parts (lens). Optical lenses. Two adjustable controls for precise adjustment. Mirror. table

Optical microscopy parts:
• Eye lens: is the lens near the eye and through this lens look inside to see the slide to be examined.
• Optical lenses: It is installed on a moving disk at the bottom end of the metal cylinder and is close to the object to be enlarged, so it is called optical lenses and the number of these lenses between (2 - 4) lenses and gradient in the magnification force x10, x100 ....
• Two plates: one for the approximate adjustment and the other for fine tuning can be rotated to raise or lower the lenses from the sample studied to be clarified after selecting the required magnification force at the right of the four lenses.
• Table (theater): Flat level, can be raised or lowered or fixed, and in the middle there is a hole and metal housing to install the glass slide on which to put the sample required to enlarge.
• Mirror: Located at the bottom of the table and its function to direct light to implement from the table slot and the projection on the sample installed on the slide, and there are some microscopes have an electric light instead of a mirror.