Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Photosensitizers topical .. Application of suraline to the skin and UV exposure to long-wave leads to an increase in the number of active melanocytes

Photosensitizers topical:
After the application of suraline on the skin and exposure to long-wavelength UV, this leads to an increase in the number of active melanocytes, as these cells become more complex and more positive for "Dopa" and there is an increase in the development of melanin and the distribution model of pigmented bodies in the cells of the cornea changes type Aggregated to non-accumulating form.
The bronze pigment gradually disappears after a period of phototherapy.
(Tri Suralin + PUVA)
The serious risk of exposure to sunlight is more serious in infants and young children. Deaths have occurred in some infected neonates, whether from brain damage (jaundice) or from narrowing of the bile duct outside the liver.