Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Reccurent herpes of the mouth.. Small vesicles surrounded by a ruptured erythematous region that leaves superficial ulcers with a red base. Test the smear of the tank

Reccurent herpes of the mouth:
Repeated obstructive lesions in the mouth are a real problem especially at younger ages. Herpes simplex virus causes these pests.
Clinical manifestations:
The lesions appear in small vesicles surrounded by a recently ruptured area of the erythema, leaving superficial ulcers with a red base.
- The clinical picture: which includes painful vesicles or ulcers on an acidic base.
- Tachkaz smear test: As the activities of the base of the ulcers colored by the color of "Wright" shows multi-nuclei.
- Immunosuppressive test is personalized.