Friday, November 3, 2017

Single or multiple cell organisms.. Bacteria, berysium, amoeba. Plants, animals, fungus

Unicellular Creatures: There are living organisms made up of a single cell (such as bacteria, parmesium, amoeba).
Multichannel Creatures: Other organisms are made up of a large number of cells (plants, animals, fungi) - in multicellular organisms.
Knowledge of cell structure and functional performance is necessary to understand the processes that occur in the multichannel organism.
Because the function of the whole organism stems from the presence of basic processes occurring within the cells.
The cells are three-dimensional, ie have a length, width and height.
Cell size is measured in micrometer units.
The average length of cells can reach several tens of micrometers.
The ability of the eye to separate can not see the only cells, so developed sophisticated means of magnification such as electron microscopy and optical microscope.