Saturday, November 11, 2017

Social phenomena in the Islamic congenital pattern.. Domestic work. Treatment of servants and transactions with people. The finery

Social phenomena in the Islamic conformation:
1) Domestic Work: The term "working woman" is commonly used in the sense of working directly with the employee and contemplating what domestic work is found within the concept of work in its linguistic and economic sense. Economists consider domestic work as productive and hence we must emphasize that our true religion urged husband to help wife in housework .
2) Treatment of the servants and the dealings with the people: Our Islamic religion has been ordered to treat the servants well. Often the deviation of the servants is the result of ill-treatment. The Muslim must adhere to the virtuous Islamic morality. He said: "You have a good example in the Messenger of Allah. ) Parties: verse 21.
3) Al-Tabarj: A woman received from Islam all that is preserved for her chastity and dignity and distance from the causes of obscene veil veil said: peace be upon him: (Fear this world and fear women, the greatest strife of Israel was in women).