Saturday, November 4, 2017

Treatment of infertility.. Mixing the pollination of palm honey and put it in the vagina before intercourse

1 - the palm of the palm if kneaded honey helped to give birth to the man and the woman.
2 - Eat lots of municipal eggs, lettuce, carrots and drinking milk with municipal wheat.
3 - Sowing celery and fennel seeds and lettuce seeds in equal parts Grind each cup of a cup and mix all, and put in a jar of honey, and take a spoon on the empty, followed by drinking a cup of cow milk or Jamousi.
4 - for men (eat a lot of geese goose juice with carrot juice and eat lettuce).
1 - half a teaspoon of ground cloves mixed in a cup of hot milk, sweetened with honey and drunk daily on the stomach, it helps women to treat infertility.
2 - For infertility in women [half a cup of black bean + half cup of fennel + quarter cup of cloves] 3 cups daily.
3 - for women (drink after the Tahr of the menstrual period milk a few cloves crushed in the evening).
Other Recipes:
1 - Mix the pollen palm leaves honey and put in the vagina before intercourse.