Saturday, November 11, 2017

Tuberculosis test - Tuberculin test to determine the incidence of tuberculosis or not .. Manto skin test to inject parts of TB bacteria under the surface of the upper layer of skin in the forearm

What is TB testing? (Tupercoline test)
Is one way that helps doctors determine if a person has TB infection. There are several ways to take the test, but the preferred method is the Manto test. It is a skin test in which parts of the TB bacteria are injected under the surface of the upper layer of the skin in the forearm, where a small subcutaneous bubble forms and disappears moments later. The patient is evaluated by the doctor or the appropriate medical body after 72 hours to make sure there is no swelling of the injection site.
If there is a swelling or redness of the injection site after 72 hours of testing, consult your doctor to make sure there is no infection or tuberculosis. Swelling may occur in people who have received a previous dose of the TB vaccine.
Returning to the national vaccine registry in Lebanon, it is recommended that the TB test be conducted annually starting from the first year.