Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Xanthomatosis.. Xanthelasma palpabrum. Plane xanthomas. Eruptive xanthoma. Tendinious xanthomas. Tuberous xanthoma

Zero tumor disease is the accumulation of grease in conjunction with foam cells in tissues.
Clinical Forms:
- Xanthelasma palpabrum:
It is the most common form of yellow tumors, affecting any age. Middle-aged females are the most common cases, especially those with biliary disease. Pests are yellowish plaques on the eyelids that combine to form large plaques.
- Plane xanthomas:
High yellow papules symmetrical on the eyelids and sides of the neck and palms.
- Eruptive xanthoma:
Yellow papules appear on the extensor surfaces of the limbs, joints and buttocks surrounded by an elliptic wall and may be painful and associated with increased triglycerides.
- Tendinious xanthomas:
Yellow nodular lesions appear on the muscle tendons on the extensor surfaces caused by the leakage of cholesterol.
- Tuberous xanthoma:
Symmetric nodular lesions, which appear over the extensor surfaces of the joints and are associated with increased triglyceride and serum cholesterol.