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Select the following fire emergency interventions in correct sequential order.. Extinguish the fire. Rescue patients in danger

Select the following fire emergency interventions in correct sequential order:

  • A- Pull the fire alarm.
  • B- Contain the fire.
  • C- Rescue patients in danger.
  • D- Extinguish the fire.

The correct sequential order of fire emergency interventions is:

1. Pull the fire alarm:

This alerts everyone in the vicinity of the danger and initiates emergency response procedures.

2. Evacuate the area:

Everyone should prioritize their own safety and that of others by leaving the building or affected area using designated escape routes.

3. Rescue patients in danger:

If you have the training and ability to safely reach and assist anyone trapped or in immediate danger, do so.

4. Contain the fire:

If safe to do so, close doors and windows to limit the spread of oxygen and slow the fire's growth.

5. Extinguish the fire:

If the fire is small and contained, and you have the proper training and equipment (fire extinguisher), attempt to extinguish it.

Therefore, the correct order is: A, Evacuate, C, B, D.
Remember, the primary focus during a fire emergency is on ensuring everyone's safety. Evacuation is the most critical action, followed by rescuing those in immediate danger. Only then should containment and extinguishing be attempted if safe and feasible.