Sunday, March 26, 2023

Advantages of artificial feeding.. Useful for children with lactose intolerance

Advantages of artificial feeding:

It is possible that artificial feeding has many benefits as well, but whatever these benefits are, they will not be similar to the benefits that the child obtains through breastfeeding. In any case, the advantages of artificial feeding include the following:

Anyone can feed a child:

No person other than the mother can breastfeed the child, while artificial feeding can be done by anyone. It is also indicated that artificial feeding may also allow the father to communicate with the child, siblings, or other family members, since this type of breastfeeding does not It is mainly based on the mother.

It can be done in public:

Breastfeeding may cause embarrassment for mothers, as it needs to expose the breast, as many mothers are sometimes unable to find a place to breastfeed the child. As for artificial feeding, it can be done anywhere outside the home, after a bottle of milk is prepared and the child is breastfed.

Useful for children with lactose intolerance:

The benefits of artificial feeding also include that it is a good option for children with lactose intolerance, as the child in rare cases cannot process the milk that comes from the mother’s breast, as this condition is known as lactose intolerance, so artificial feeding is a good option, including milk that contains Soy protein milk.

Ease of tracking the amount of feeding the baby:

In breastfeeding, it is not possible to determine the amount that the child breastfed, but in artificial feeding, certain amounts of milk are placed in the bottle, so the mother can know the amount that the child breastfed, whether on a daily or weekly basis, and it may also be easy to wean the child from breastfeeding industrial.