Friday, March 31, 2023

Baby parenting games.. Interaction between mother and child. Playing with water. rolling. Playing with the child

Baby parenting games:

Babies, during their waking time, need to discover the world around them, and playing is one of the most important things that help them do that.

Games that help the baby discover the world:

These games include:

Interaction between mother and child:

Your baby is happy to see your face, hear your voice and stay with you, you can watch the bright colors on the mobile phone together, or listen to a musical game, and learn to play with the rattle, where it is more fun with the presence of the mother.

Playing with water:

Water is one of the most beloved things for most infants. It develops their sensory skills and allows them to move freely. It also has a calming effect. Put with it a set of squishy toys or large tools, and it should never be left alone in the tub, even if there is little water.


You can buy small colorful balls and let your child roll them and crawl behind them, or fill a small sealed container with materials that make sounds like rice to stimulate the child's interest.

Playing with the child:

Whether with dolls, or talking to him during a diaper change, hide-and-seek games can also be followed, all of which make the child happy. Often the child becomes able to play with other children when he is one year old.