Friday, March 31, 2023

Child education games between 2-5 years.. Simple musical instruments. puzzles. balls. Arts and crafts. Cubes and Building Blocks:

Child education games between 2-5 years:

During this age, the child becomes able to play with other children and integrate with them.

Games that children love:

Here are the games kids love:

Simple musical instruments:

They can shake and beat it, like a drum made from an overturned pot and a wooden spoon.


Whether thrown, rolled, caught or thrown, playing with balls encourages motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

Arts and crafts:

As a child's motor skills improve, learning activities such as drawing and coloring pictures of family members, using scissors to cut and stick paper together, helps to enhance coordination, encourage creativity and boost self-esteem.

Cubes and Building Blocks:

Building a tower of blocks and figuring out how to keep it from tipping over encourages problem-solving skills and hand-eye coordination as this age baby begins to use their imagination and build various play shapes.


Puzzles such as the jigsaw puzzle help with coordination and logical thinking, and learn spatial relationships where pieces are linked together to make a shape.