Friday, March 31, 2023

Distinguished tips to teach the child speech skills and speed them up

Tips for teaching a child to speak quickly:

It is nice to follow your child as he learns speaking skills, and uses a sentence of two or three words. You can also contribute to the development and acceleration of these skills through:

Give your child enough time to play:

Play is the child’s laboratory in research and learning, where he learns exploration skills, sizes, colors and shapes, and through play he begins to name things or learn them, and it is also important for the child to play with other children, you will not believe the speed at which your child will learn a word from another child, you do not have any A chance to compete with your little one's friends!

Turning ordinary activities into science experiments:

Explain all the work and activities involved with the children in detail, be patient and listen to their explanation of what they like, the way they can express, and encourage and motivate them.

Name things verbally and repeat the names frequently:

Children learn by repetition. Ask them to repeat what you named, by asking: (What is this?), and you can make sure that he understands the name by asking about its location: (Where is this?).

Use what the child likes to get him to talk:

Give him plenty of time to deal with the things he loves, talk to him about them, express your admiration for them, and ask him about their features and colors.

Use games that improve the child's imagination:

Sorting shapes, assembling simple pictures, and classifying similar shapes. Characters can also be represented and actions imagined. Then let your child imagine talking on the phone or playing music. He will love the sounds in these cases.

speak passionately:

Children enjoy when their parents talk to them enthusiastically, and they want to interact and talk more, and their response will be quick to answer and express their opinion, so use exaggerated sounds and gestures.

Talk to your child in adult language:

Do not use your children's words to try to make them understand what you want, but speak the correct pronunciation of the word, this will be better and faster to teach the language, just repeat the correct words, and make sure to slow down the speed of speaking, as their speech processing is still slow.

Minimize the child's use of his mouth and tongue to speak and make sounds.

Take advantage of the movement:

Movement, playing, jumping, and the excitement of running will contribute to motivating the child to scream out of joy, or out of surprise, as many researchers in child sensory science pointed to the role of this type of game in stimulating phonetics and language in children.


The mixing of children with those of a close age to them will be the most stimulus in language development and improving the speed of learning it, whether this is in child care places, in the play group, or meeting the children of family friends and relatives, the presence of other children around you will make a difference in the speed of learning speech and language.

Use the idea of expansion in language:

When your child speaks a small word or phrase, expand on the idea and phrase, by repeating the child's phrase and adding a word or two, to increase the number and use of the child's familiar vocabulary.

Praise and encouragement:

The most important motivating methods for the child to learn to speak quickly, which give quick results.