Friday, March 31, 2023

How can a child be taught to speak quickly and develop his language skills?

Teach your child to speak quickly:

Since children understand much more from speaking than they can express, they may sometimes get frustrated in communicating what they want to say.

Tips to help develop a child's language skills:

So we offer you some tips that will help you develop your child's language skills:

  • More than talking to your child, talk and talk and talk: tell your child in clear words all the details you are doing for him, (Now we will eat) (We will take a bath in a little while) (I will put you in this dress) Use reading as a stimulus to focus, make it picture books, use Signs and acting, and let your child repeat the words if he likes.
  • Use music, nursery rhymes with movements, it motivates children to sing, dance and interact.
  • Follow your child's interest. If you notice your child's interest in a picture, for example, keep talking about it. If he seems to like a picture of a car, for example, try to show him more pictures of cars and talk about their colors, differences and sizes.
  • Encourage your child when pronouncing words, even if it seems incorrect, and do not criticize his way of pronouncing, express your admiration for his performance, and repeat his phrases with the correct pronunciation.
  • Television and computers will negatively affect a child under the age of two, while the maximum period is limited to two hours per day for those over two years old, while some high-quality educational programs may give some assistance in the child's voluntary and cognitive development.
  • Going out of the house, trips and walks will be a cognitive support for the child and a stimulus for interaction, such as going out to the park or museums, where the child will want to know the names of animals and distinctive shapes.