Friday, March 31, 2023

How do I teach my child to speak at the age of one and a half?

Teaching a child to speak at the age of one and a half years:

At this time, children begin to use and pronounce words and make the same sound every time, so that they identify the same thing, and some words appear more clear, such as Baba and Mama, and the use of a word such as “ta” for the word come. We can divide this stage into two periods:

From 12 months to 15 months:

The child pronounces from three to six words and understands more than 25 words, and he can be trained by following some steps:
  • Tell him about the things you use and give him time to talk about them.
  • Use picture books, ask the child what the pictures are about, and give him time to name them.
  • Encourage your child with smiles, clapping and words of praise, when he succeeds in naming the things he sees.
  • When your child starts telling you about something, show all interest, give him time and encouragement.
  • Talk to him about all the daily recurring tasks related to him, such as: What are we going to drink today? What will we wear? Do you want milk or juice? Let him discuss you in his own way.

From the age of 15 months to the age of one and a half years:

The child will continue to build his vocabulary, and he may associate his words with actions, such as taking you to the kitchen and pronouncing his own word, pointing to the juice box, to tell you that he wants juice by saying, for example, “stick.” During this period, you can help your child to talk to you:
  • Ask your child about the parts of his face and body and encourage him to pronounce them.
  • Hide one of his toys, make him see where you put it, ask him about it, and share the joy when he finds it.
  • When he points to something or gives it to you, talk to him about that thing, its characteristics and colors, and make him talk about it, and tell him words of encouragement such as how good you are and thank him.